Problems With Dirty Air Ducts

When you have dirt in your air ducts, you might not consider the problem to be dangerous or impactful for your home. But the truth is that dirty air ducts are linked with numerous health issues and structural problems.

Higher Energy Costs

Energy costs are rising incrementally across the country, and homeowners now spend thousands of dollars a year trying to keep their equipment running at peak performance. Dirty air ducts can prevent peak equipment performance. They can lead to the equipment working harder using more energy in the process.

Long-Term Maintenance Problems

Because your systems must work harder to push through the optimal supply of air into the home, you might also encounter HVAC maintenance problems. You could be spending up to a thousand dollars more per year by having to call out heating and cooling professionals to your home. Keeping your ducts clean with regular cleaning will ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly. Cyprus Air offers maintenance plans as low as 20 dollars! This is a small price to pay for a regular check up that will prevent more costly repairs. 

Health Concerns

The dirt in your air ducts can cause those with asthma or severe allergies. to experience breathing difficulties. Over time, it may even increase the risk of asthma attacks. 

Your sinuses are susceptible to infection if your surrounding environment is unclean. With unclean ducts spreading germs and pathogens throughout the home, you and your loved ones are likely to experience increased instances of sinus infections over time. These infections can be dangerous by themselves but can also lead to lung infections. 

Make sure that your air ducts are cleaned by professionals to reduce the chances of an infection impacting your throat and lungs. This simple task can help safeguard your health for the years to come. Our team is here to guide you in cleaning the air ducts around your home while saving you money on HVAC maintenance and reducing home health risks.