$45 a month with no credit check
No credit check allows our In-house financing to get you a new system starting at $45 a month with zero money down.
$39 Dehumidifier Tune Up
A savings of $100 when you sign up for our membership! Includes an inspection and start check.
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Schedule to have one of our Comfort Specialist explain to you the benefits of a Dehumidifier

Schedule to have one of our Comfort Specialist explain to you the benefits of a Dehumidifier

$45 a month with no credit check
No credit check allows our In-house financing to get you a new system starting at $45 a month with zero money down.
$39 Dehumidifier Tune Up
A savings of $100 when you sign up for our membership! Includes an inspection and start check.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A dehumidifier is an appliance that conditions the air by extracting moisture. It will pull in damp air, then cool it with a condenser. The water collects in a reservoir. Then a fan will move the drier air back into the room. Many dehumidifiers have a removable reservoir or bucket or a place to connect a line or hose that will drain the water away without you having to empty the bucket regularly. In areas with high humidity, or if you need to run the dehumidifier constantly, you may want to get one with a condensate pump that will pump the water out. 
Dehumidifiers do create some noise. The noise level will depend on the fan setting—the higher the setting, the louder the dehumidifier will be. The condenser will also create some noise. The good news is that most dehumidifiers are no louder than white noise when set to a lower setting. Single-room humidifiers are less noisy than commercial dehumidifiers used for basements or more industrial locations. Another way to reduce noise levels from your dehumidifier is to ensure you get the correct size for your space. Many dehumidifiers will come with a decibel rating that you can compare to the FAA’s chart for noise level
To identify the correct size dehumidifier, you should consider the size of the room and the level of dampness in that space. Dehumidifiers can be for small areas up to 500 square feet or can be whole-house dehumidifiers as a part of the home’s heating and cooling system. It’s essential to get the correct size since placing a too-small dehumidifier will mean it may constantly be running, shortening its life and driving up energy costs. Generally, upstairs you can install smaller dehumidifiers, while downstairs may require larger units. Finally, some dehumidifiers are specialized to work best in specific spaces, like crawl spaces, basements, or living rooms. FAA’s chart for noise level
The cost to operate a dehumidifier depends on several factors. If the dehumidifier is too small for the space, it could cost more because it runs constantly. Damper spaces will also require the dehumidifier to run more often. You can look for the Energy Star rating to get a good idea of the annual energy costs associated with running a particular model. Most dehumidifiers will cost homeowners between $5 and $30 a month. Costs can also depend on local energy rates. You may also notice that larger dehumidifiers are more likely to have Energy Star ratings than smaller units. FAA’s chart for noise level
Many dehumidifier units are simple to install. Simply unpack them and plug them in. Make sure you place the dehumidifier on a flat surface without any obstructions. Many models use an air filter that you should clean and replace regularly. The owner’s manual for your model will give you the recommended time frame for maintaining the air filter. Some models also require that you empty the reservoir manually. Check the reservoir frequently, especially in high-humidity areas. Regularly wash the reservoir with soap and water to remove mold and mildew buildup. Avoid wetting the control panel or other parts of the dehumidifier. FAA’s chart for noise level
Your dehumidifier may have a port or a line that moves water away automatically to the outside. It is safe to water plants with the water collected from the dehumidifier. However, you should not try to drink the water that collects in the reservoir. Water pulled from the air through condensation is not distilled or purified. The water can become stagnant, and if the tank is not clean, it can quickly become contaminated with mold or bacteria. Dehumidifiers do not contain the proper filters to make the water drinkable, so you should also avoid giving it to pets. FAA’s chart for noise level

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My technician introduced himself at the door, was very courteous and quick. We haven’t had any issues with our HVAC since it was installed two years ago. Love that they do a yearly check-up on it.

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Cyprus Air came by my house to do their service inspection & was able to complete some repairs to my hvac system very quickly & was done w/in 1 hour! Very prompt service & showed me all his worked when he was done. Peace of mind a professional came by to perform proper maintenance and repair to my hvac.

- Manning, Geraldine

Came and fixed hvac in record time I mean like 12 mins!!!! The tech was top notch

- Jimmie Newsome


A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air when it’s too humid. Dehumidifiers are used during the Spring and Summer months. You might not think about it, but a dehumidifier can be a great addition to your air conditioner setup.
Here are five benefits to reducing the humidity of the air inside your home:

  • Reduces Allergies
    Many allergens thrive in damp, humid environments; when you reduce the humidity, you reduce the allergies you and your family suffer with.

  • Odor Reduction
    Many household odors can be linked to dust mites, mold and mildew, all of which thrive in humid environments. Eliminate the humidity and you eliminate the odors.

  • Mold Reduction
    Mold and mildew thrive in damp; humid places and they can cause health problems such as asthma and respiratory problems. Using a dehumidifier reduces or eliminates mildew.

  • Dust Reduction
    Another benefit to running a dehumidifier is that it reduces the amount of dust in your home, which means you spend less time cleaning.

  • Reduces Energy Bills
    A dehumidifier added to your air conditioner makes your AC unit operate more efficiently, which saves you money on your energy bills.
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