UV Air Sanitizers

$45 a month with no credit check
No credit check allows our In-house financing to get you a new system starting at $45 a month with zero money down.
$39 UV Air Sanitizer Tune Up
A savings of $100 when you sign up for our membership! Includes an inspection and start check.
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Schedule a Free Consultation for UV Air Sanitizers with our Comfort Specialist

Schedule a Free Consultation for UV Air Sanitizers with our Comfort Specialist

$45 a month with no credit check
No credit check allows our In-house financing to get you a new system starting at $45 a month with zero money down.
$39 UV Air Sanitizer Tune Up
A savings of $100 when you sign up for our membership! Includes an inspection and start check.
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All our technicians follow CDC guidelines for covid safety. This includes social distancing, frequent hand washing, and touchless approval. We also give our providers daily health checks to ensure the health of your family.

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We’ve proudly served the VA, MD, & DC area since 1967. We listen to your needs and make sure you understand all the services and costs before we go ahead with work. You’ll know what to expect from start to finish.

Saving You Money

Old or broken UV Air Sanitizers will leave you paying higher energy bills each month. Schedule an appointment with our technicians so they can help you get the necessary repairs for your old unit, or you help you pick out an entirely new system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A UV air sanitizer system is a device that emits the highest UV light intensity available. This UV light helps eliminate airborne biological contaminants like germs, bacteria, and other nastiness that you’d rather not breathe in. UV systems also reduce concentrations of airborne bacteria by 50% within as little as 45 minutes. You’ll be breathing easier knowing the air in your home or business has become cleaner almost instantly. UV systems also help prevent bacteria from building up indoors and inside your HVAC system, so you can rest easy knowing that your air quality is under control.
UV air sanitizers emit UV light in the UV-C range, which is powerful enough to damage the DNA of airborne pathogens like bacteria, mold, and viruses. A UV air sanitizer can destroy up to 99.9% of the viruses, mold, and bacteria that come into contact with it. Highly effective UV air sanitizers work best with an air filtration system. The filtration system pulls air past the UV light, then ventilates out into the room. The UV light is shielded from the room, so it cannot harm you while it does its job.
The most effective UV air sanitizers are installed with the air filtration or air conditioning system. When installing it, you should find a place that allows you to use reflective surfaces to maximize the effect and place shields, so it does not shine directly into the room. It can be challenging to find the right place to install a UV air sanitizer, so many homeowners opt to have their HVAC technician place it for optimal safety and effectiveness. Your technician is experienced and will also know how to handle wear and tear over time.
Having a professional technician install the UV air sanitizer can give you peace of mind. The technician can install your UV air sanitizer within your air conditioning system or ducting, allowing it to work effectively without exposing anyone to the powerful UV-C light. It is essential to properly install a UV air sanitizer system, as it is possible to suffer burns if you have not installed the system correctly. The goal is to bring the air to the UV light, allow the light to do the work out of sight, then your air conditioning system can ventilate the cleaner air back into the room.
UV air sanitizers are an investment, and homeowners can reap the benefits over time. Cleaner air means fewer problems with allergies or other respiratory conditions. UV air sanitizers can also make your air conditioning system more energy efficient. Your air filters will last longer, and your system will not have to work as hard. You could see significant cost savings because you are buying fewer air filters, and your air conditioning system is working more efficiently. Fewer sick days and a smaller power bill make the addition of a UV air sanitizer a smart choice.
UV-C light is effective against viruses when the light comes into direct contact with the virus, meaning that your UV air sanitizer will be most effective against airborne viruses. Air filters and the other components of your air filtration and conditioning system can catch a lot of dust and particles in the air, but microscopic viruses and bacteria can slip by air filters. That’s why it’s important to have a UV air sanitizer incorporated into your system. Any bacteria or viruses circulating in the air that pass by the UV light will be destroyed, and the cleaner air is then circulated back into the room.

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Annual Maintenance plans start as low as $20 per month!

Many warranties require regular maintenance to stay valid. Plus, regular maintenance will ensure your UV Air Sanitizer will remain in good shape for many years. Cyprus Air is expert in all your clean air needs.

Get a FREE in-home estimate on new systems.

Don’t pay unnecessary costs before you’ve decided if you need a new system. We’ll listen to your needs and ensure you agree on the service and price before starting work. You’ll know what to expect from start to finish.



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Service was great and any questions that I had asked were positive about the work done and work going to be completed. Plus, positive attitude from all the stay along with great workmanship

- Leon Thomas

My technician introduced himself at the door, was very courteous and quick. We haven’t had any issues with our HVAC since it was installed two years ago. Love that they do a yearly check-up on it.

- Stacey Uhler

Cyprus Air came by my house to do their service inspection & was able to complete some repairs to my hvac system very quickly & was done w/in 1 hour! Very prompt service & showed me all his worked when he was done. Peace of mind a professional came by to perform proper maintenance and repair to my hvac.

- Manning, Geraldine

Came and fixed hvac in record time I mean like 12 mins!!!! The tech was top notch

- Jimmie Newsome

UV Air Sanitizers

People are becoming more aware of the air quality in their homes and workspaces. UV air sanitizers can provide peace of mind and deliver cleaner, healthier air efficiently and effectively. As experts discover more and more links between health conditions and air quality, the need for air sanitizing technology is becoming more evident. No one wants to think that their home could be making them sick, but the truth is that many indoor spaces have more air pollution than outdoor spaces. At Cyprus Air, our goal is to improve our customers’ quality of life and deliver exceptional customer service.

Benefits of Installing a UV Air Sanitizer

UV air sanitizers are an essential part of a healthier and more sanitary home. Some of the benefits include:

UV light is very effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. A properly installed UV air sanitizer is safe for everyone in the household but can effectively eliminate up to 99 percent of airborne germs.

UV air sanitizers are low-profile. Many installers can place them in inconspicuous areas where they can quietly do the work without taking up very much space at all.

Experience fewer sick days and reduce allergy issues by installing a UV air sanitizer. As air cycles through, the UV light neutralizes the germs and can result in more productivity and comfort.

A Crucial Part of Your HVAC System

You might think that an air filter is enough, but the truth is that UV air sanitizers work well as a part of the whole HVAC system. Air filters collect dust and dirt particles, while UV air sanitizers kill microbiological organisms in the air. Using a quality air filter and a UV air sanitizer can extend the life of your HVAC system and have a positive effect on your family’s health.

Installing Your UV Air Sanitizer

If you’re ready to help protect your family’s health and well-being, installing a UV air sanitizer can be just a phone call away. While many people consider installing these devices themselves, experts warn that improperly installing them could result in an ineffective system or personal injury from the UV light. Additionally, attempting to install a UV air sanitizer without knowledge of the ducting or HVAC system could damage it or some part of the system.

At Cyprus Air, our technicians train extensively to ensure they’re able to install your UV air sanitizer safely and professionally. They can identify the best location for it and walk you through how it works. You can also rely on Cyprus Air for regular maintenance, so your UV air sanitizer works optimally for years.

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