Alexandria & Washington DC UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

The air we breathe affects quality of life, which is why expert UV air sanitizer installation makes sense. Call Cyprus Air, Heating and Cooling at (888) 775-5640 today. Don’t let germs get the better of you and bring down your quality of life by making you sick. Take control of the quality of your air with help from our experts, serving Alexandria and Washington DC. Click here to see our current online coupons and specials.

 UV Air Sanitizer System Installation Alexandria and Washington Washington DC, VA

The germs, bacteria and viruses which cause us to become ill are prevalent in our air, no matter how clean. However, we can take drastic steps to improve the quality of our indoor air and, in turn, improve our quality of life. Nobody feels good when they’re constantly feeling sick.

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How Do UV Air Sanitizer Systems Help?

A UV air sanitizer system is a unique device which emits the highest UV light intensity available, which helps eliminate airborne biological contaminants like germs, bacteria, and other nastiness that you’d rather not be breathing in.

UV systems also help lessen concentrations of airborne bacteria by 50% within as little as 45 minutes, which means that you’ll be breathing easier knowing that the air in your home or business has become cleaner almost instantly. Additionally, UV systems also help prevent bacteria from building up indoors and inside your HVAC system, so you can rest easy knowing that the future of your air quality is under control.

Some of the benefits of this system include:

  • Cleaner Air. because these systems use ultraviolet light, they are more efficient at removing impurities from the air, which is great for homeowners with allergies or respiratory conditions.
  • Energy Efficiency. Dirty air filters can seriously impact your energy efficiency levels, because a clogged filter makes your system work harder. A UV air sanitizer means that fewer clogging impurities will find their way into your heating and cooling system, helping it work more efficiently.
  • Cost Efficiency. With a UV sanitizer working at all times your air conditioning unit will work optimally year-round, and you will have to buy fewer air filters, which will help keep costs down.

At Cyprus Air, Heating and Cooling we offer all of our customers in Alexandria and Washington DC the highest quality UV air sanitizer installation and maintenance services. With over 40+ years of experience, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee every time.

We’ll help you choose the best UV system to suit your needs, install it correctly and according to factory standards, and perform regular maintenance to make sure your system is always providing you with clean air and peace of mind.

You deserve to breathe the purest, cleanest air possible, which is why Cyprus Air, Heating and Cooling is dedicated to making sure that happens. Call us today at (888) 775-5640 to find out how we can help you in Alexandria and the greater Washington DC area.