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 Heat Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation Alexandria and Washington Washington DC, VA

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How Do Geothermal Pumps Work?

A heat pump actually serves two purposes: heating the air in your home in the winter, and cooling it during the summer months. By harnessing energy from the Earth, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels used by traditional heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal pumps tap into the free, green energy source of geothermal heat, the layer of heat and energy which lies below the freeze line of the Earth’s surface, which stays at a constant range of 50 to 60 degrees throughout the year, regardless of the surface of the air above it.

This energy is unlimited in supply, and is completely renewable, which allows us to heat our homes without using limited and expensive fossil fuels. Heat pumps transfer heat energy back and forth between your home and the Earth, providing energy at a much lower cost than your current electricity bill.

Geothermal Heat Pump System Components

Heat Exchanger: Also referred to as the “loop” this consists of a network of tubing which is installed at least 10 feet below the ground near your home. The tubes are filled with liquid, which then circulates through the tubing and transports heat energy between your home and the ground.

Heat Pump: The heat pump is installed above ground and pumps the fluid through your system. If properly maintained, a single pump can last up to 25 years! We even offer special pricing on the installation of the long-lasting, high-quality Carrier brands.

Distribution Unit: This is similar to a blower fan used in a traditional heating and cooling system, which blows warm or cool air through your ducts.

What Are the Benefits of Geothermal?

A geothermal pump operates at a lower energy cost than traditional fossil fuel-based energy, saving you money on your electrical bill. It is also cleaner, and reduces the amount of allergens in the air in your home, as well as providing better humidity control.

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