Alexandria & Washington DC Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

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Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Alexandria and Washington Washington DC, VA

How Do Air Conditioners Work?

Air conditioning units, whether they’re small window units or central systems which cool a whole house or building, work on a similar cooling principle to the way your fridge works. And, just like your fridge, they come in varying sizes, functionalities, and energy efficiencies.

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Choosing the Right System

One of the things that our technicians have run into during our 40+ years in business is the number of air conditioners which don’t work properly because they’re too big, which often means that your unit is turning on and off more often than it should.

This means that even during your hottest weather you’re paying more for it, and your unit is using more energy than a smaller system. It also doesn’t dehumidify as well as a smaller system would, and is generally noisier than a smaller model, as well.

Because these models are usually over-worked, they tend to break down more frequently, costing you money both on your utilities, but also on repairs and maintenance.

What Causes Air Conditioning System to Malfunction?

Some issues which may cause your air conditioning system are dirty coils or improper refrigerant levels, which cause the system to cool less efficiently than it should.

This is why having a properly-sized unit is so important: when your compressor is working harder than it should, it’s more likely to break down.

How Can You Keep Your System Running Efficiently?

You can keep your air conditioning system running efficient by following a few key steps, which include:

  • Check your hose connection for leaks, and make sure the condensate tube is draining properly.
  • Change or clean your filter once a month, especially in the summer months when dust and allergens are more prevalent.
  • Keep plants at least 2ft away from the airflow around the unit.
  • Vacuum air vents and registers regularly, and bring in a professional duct cleaner every few years.
  • Keep furniture and drapes away from registers, as they can catch dust and other irritants.
  • Maintaining regularly scheduled service by a trained technician who can alert you to any potential issues or inadequacies.

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