5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time to Get a Furnace Maintenance Check

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to tend to your heating system. And when it comes to your furnace, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way in identifying and eliminating problems before they even have a chance to develop. Still not convinced? Here are five good reasons to get furnace maintenance before winter kicks in.


1. Temperatures are dropping.

With the temperatures dropping, you’ll be turning that furnace on soon, and you are expecting it to do its job, right?

colder-temperaturesThe only way to know for sure that you’ll be able to stay warm is by getting maintenance done before the temperatures have fallen uncomfortably low. If you do have a furnace problem, you’ll be able to deal with it while it is still relatively warm out.

2. A Professional Can Determine if Any Repairs are Necessary

While you may do a visual inspection of your furnace as part of your ongoing homeowner maintenance, only a trained professional will be able to dig deep into the diagnostics of your system. As part of maintenance, key components are cleaned, taken apart and tested to make sure that they work. It’s often also part of your manufacturer’s warranty that you engage in annual furnace maintenance with an accredited professional.

3. To Save Energy

Want to save money? Who doesn’t? One of the best ways to shave down on your energy bills is to make sure that your furnace is running optimally. When its components are calibrated properly and the filter is clean, the hot air will flow most efficiently, which means lower energy bills for you.

4. Because It Hasn’t Been Used Throughout the Summer Months

carbon-monoxideYour system has been dormant for months. If you are keen on energy efficiency too, you may have turned your pilot light off over the summer (and if you didn’t this year, you may want to consider doing it for next year). To make sure that the pilot light is re-ignited safely and accurately, it’s worth calling a professional.

5. Keep Your Family Safe

Need a reason to have furnace maintenance? How about your family’s safety? Carbon monoxide is deadly, but challenging to detect because it is tasteless and odorless.

Having a professional trained in carbon monoxide safety means that they can check for carbon monoxide leaks and clean the furnace system properly.

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