Do Air Ducts Need Cleaning Regularly?


Ever asked yourself: Should I get my air ducts cleaned?


Unlike chimney maintenance, or an HVAC tune-up, which should be done once a year, you don’t need regular cleaning of your air vents. The EPA reports that there has been no conclusive research on the cleaning of ducts to prevent health problems Asthma: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Asthma in Children, and More


You should however get your ducts cleaned if your home is infested with vermin such as mice or rodents, there is a noticeable amount of mold in your HVAC or duct system, or if the vents are clogged with dust and debris. 


If you have family members with sensitivities to air quality, such as asthma, a lung condition, or severe allergies, or if members of your household are experiencing unexplained symptoms you think may be attributed to your home environment, according to the EPA, you may want to consult a doctor to see if indoor air quality could be the cause of these ailments, and then consider getting a duct cleaning.



What is Involved in Duct Cleaning?


4 Things You Need To Clean Air Ducts Yourself - RuskIf you decide yes, getting your ducts cleaned is something that would benefit your family, there are certain things you should expect. The technician who visits your home will open all ports to allow inspection of the entire system. Once open the technician should inspect the entire system before they start cleaning, this is important to check for any repairs needed, and to check for asbestos, which requires a different method of cleaning with extra safety precautions. 


After this, the technician will vacuum and exhaust particles out of your home, while protecting all your carpets and furnishings. That’s how you know you’ve chosen a good HVAC maintenance provider—they’ll care for your entire home, not just the worksite. Along with vacuuming they will clean cooling coils and drain pans. 


If your ducts need to be cleaned of mold, make sure you ask the technician what the cause of mold is because unless remedied, it is likely to grow back. 



Preventing Contamination


Finding dust in your vents is normal. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to limit the amount of dust getting into your ducts. Regular changing of your air filters will help prevent dirt from entering your system. If you notice your air filters become clogged, you’ll need to change them more frequently. Ensure there are no missing filters anywhere in your air ducts where debris will be able to enter. 


If you are having construction done on your home, seal off any supply vents and don’t operate the heating and cooling system until all the construction dust has been cleaned. 


To prevent mold, your ducts should not have any moisture. Even if it is just condensation or a leak in the system it likely means your ducts were improperly installed. These damages should be promptly prepared. 


Choosing a Provider


You can be sure Cyprus Air will take care to protect your ducts as if they were in our own home! We offer free in-home estimates! As well as maintenance plans starting as low as $20 a month. Remember regular maintenance of your HVAC will keep you from having more expensive repairs, or a specialized air duct cleaning in the future. And if after reading this article you decide you do need your ducts cleaned out, we promise to use our expertise