Will an HOA affect HVAC Requirements?


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In short: Yes! Homeowners Associations (HOAs), especially those in newer neighborhoods, will often have rules about HVAC units. There are many benefits to living with an HOA, but when it comes to installation, knowing what regulations are in place can be tricky.


Common HOA Restrictions


Typically, HOA’s will have rules against window-mounted air conditioners, that are easily visible from the exterior of your home. Common outdoor units are almost always allowed by HOA’s but if you are unsure, it is best to consult the HOA handbook, because each Homeowners Association has a different set of rules.


6 Types of Air Conditioners For Homes You Should Know AboutAnother common restriction is where you can put the location of your outdoor unit, or if you live in a townhouse or duplex, ensuring your unit is placed away from your neighbor’s property. Some HOA’s will even have a designated location where you are restricted to placing your unit.

If you’re looking for alternatives to a traditional air conditioning unit or if you want supplemental heating or air unit, consider a ductless mini-split, or a heat pump, that is less visible from the exterior of your home and will more easily comply with your HOA requirements. Both heat pumps and ductless AC units are versatile and energy-efficient.


HOA’s Responsibility


If your HVAC is shared between several housing units you will need to go through the HOA to request maintenance.

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Occasionally the HOA may be responsible for your HVAC unit repair even if the unit is for an individual home. Under local laws, if an issue is considered “damage” by insurance terms, for example, damages from hail, or a hurricane, it becomes the HOA’s responsibility to repair the unit.

When it comes to maintenance, if you’re living in a detached home, is dependent on the agreement you signed when initially moving into the property. If you are living in an individual unit


Review HOA Rules


The best way to know what the regulation for your HOA is to read their rules! Some Homeowners Associations use template agreements, but not all of them! Whenever moving to a home with an HOA it is good to read over the HOA agreements. And if you’ve lived in an HOA for years and still don’t know the rules it’s never too late to peek at the agreement. You can’t assume your HOA has no stipulations when it comes to an HVAC system, even if you live in a detached home.

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Go to the Professionals


We are always here to help! If your HOA says they won’t have anything to do with repairing or maintaining your HVAC unit, you’ll want a trusted provider who can deliver you professionalism, transparency, and affordability. Cyprus Air can provide that for you! With licensed and certified technicians, we even offer a FREE in-home estimate for new HVAC units. Don’t pay unnecessary fees before you’ve even committed to getting a new unit. Our technicians will work with your family and HOA needs to deliver you the best deal possible on a new HVAC unit or provide HVAC repairs when applicable.


Already have a unit and need an air conditioning service near you? Cyprus Air also offers a $39 tune-up in the Alexandria, Falls Church, and Rockville area. That’s a savings of over $140! It’s best to get your HVAC unit cleaned and serviced once a year to ensure your HVAC is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so you won’t have to worry about a broken HVAC and potentially confusing HOA rules!