Better Temperature Regulation in Your Alexandria Home

How to Keep the Temperature Consistent from Room to Room When you think about relaxing in your Alexandria home, you may think about the temperature being just right. However, the unfortunate reality is that many homes do not have a uniform temperature from room to room. There are many reasons why some rooms may be […]

Find Out What is Polluting the Inside of Your Home

5 Sources Of Major Pollutants  Pollutants That Are In Your Indoor Air Cigarette Smoke- Many people smoke cigarettes, but not everyone smokes inside their home. Those that smoke outside must keep the doors and windows closed to avoid having the cigarette smoke go indoors. Those who smoke inside their Alexanadria home may have a heavily […]

Look For These Signs to See if Your Water Heater Needs Servicing

3 Signs My Water Heater Needs To Be Serviced You cannot take a relaxing bath, enjoy a hot shower or clean your clothes without warm water in your Alexandria home. Regardless of whether you have a traditional or tankless water heater, it needs to be serviced regularly in order to prevent problems. There are several […]

Tips to Help You Save this Month

5 Ways To Save On Your Utility Bill Keeping the utility bill as low as possible is something that all homeowners care about. Energy savings can greatly accumulate over time, resulting in not only a lot of money being saved, but also a reduced strain on the environment. Below are five easy things that any […]

Find Out Why Your Furnace is Smelling Up Your Home

Burning Furnace Smell Why Do I Smell Something Burning? If people smell something burning in a home, the first thing they might do is go into the kitchen to see what’s cooking. If there is nothing cooking, it can be very puzzling to figure out where the burning smell is coming from, and this is […]

The Different Heat Pumps to Consider

Geothermal & Air-Source Heat Pumps Technology has changed the way many people live in the world today. In addition, technology has impacted almost every area of modern life. One of the areas where technology has made a tremendous difference is the housing market. From real estate sales to house construction in your Alexandria area, technology […]

Don’t Get Sick This Winter

Keep Airborne Viruses Under Control In Your Home Don’t Get Sick This Winter Many feel that if they get a flu shot this winter, then they are not going to catch any illnesses, but this is far from the truth. The flu shot only prevents the flu, and this means that any other airborne illnesses […]

Prevent Yourself from Furnace Disasters

Prevent a Furnace Disaster this Winter Season Your home’s furnace plays an important role in keeping you warm over the winter. If your Alexandria home furnace breaks, you are not only left with no heat, but there’s a good chance your pipes will freeze, which causes twice the amount of damage. It’s important that you […]

See What Geothermal Heating Can Do For You

Geothermal Heating Benefits Geothermal heating is a type of environmentally friendly energy powered by the earth itself. Because the ground absorbs the majority of thermal energy the earth receives in the form of sunlight, it remains a stable temperature just below the surface all year long. A series of pipes through which water circulates is […]