Keep Your Home Cool for the Hot Summer Months Ahead

Keep Your Home Cool for the Hot Summer Months Ahead While most look to the summer season as a time to relax and have fun, the weather isn’t always eager to let the good times roll. Depending on your location, whole weeks can have average temperatures in the upper nineties. In plenty of cases, days […]

How Weather Stripping Can Save You Money

Weather Stripping Challenge to Lower Your AC Bills Do you remember standing in front of the refrigerator holding the door open while contemplating what to eat? Drives you crazy now to see your children do that same thing, doesn’t it? Well, air conditioning the house when you have leaks is very much like holding the […]

5 Ways to Discover Whether Your Home’s Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

5 Ways to Tell if Your Home’s Thermostat is Malfunctioning Being able to identify the most common signs of a faulty or malfunctioning thermostat can be an essential concern when it comes to ensuring climate control equipment is being used as efficiently as possible. Inaccurate temperature detection or erroneous activation of the system can lead […]

Spring is Here, Keep the Allergens Out of Your Alexandria Home

Preparing Your Home For Spring Allergens When spring arrives bringing with it warmer temperatures, budding trees and blooming flowers and plants, it also brings along with it a host of irritating allergens. Spring allergies can cause itchy, watery eyes, running, drippy noses, coughs and all the other discomforts that accompany allergy season. While the air […]

3 Reasons Why Your Heater is Out for the Count!

3 Reasons Why Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air Problems With The Heating System No one likes to have problems with their heating system, but many things can occur that make the heating system malfunction or not behave the way it’s supposed to. When you’re getting cold or cool air from the heating system instead […]

Spring is Almost Here! Beware a Frozen A/C Unit

Spring Into Home Maintenance: Why do A/C Units Freeze? Dirty evaporator coils and restricted airflow are just two of the many reasons why an Alexandria AC unit might freeze up. Keeping your HVAC equipment in good working order may allow you to reduce utility costs and extend the service life of your appliances and equipment. […]

Save More Energy, Time, and Money With These Savvy Strategies!

Top Energy Saving Strategies for Your Home HVAC Unit We all want to save money. However, there are so many areas of our lives where dollars slip away seemingly unnoticed, especially when it comes to maintaining our Alexandria homes. From the cup of coffee you buy before work to the quick fast food trip you […]

HVAC Technologies You Need in Your Home

New HVAC Technologies  During the previous decades, there have been a number of important improvements in HVAC systems. The goal is always to develop a system that is more efficient as well as decreases energy use. HVAC systems don’t last forever. Many of the latest technologies make replacing or upgrading a current HVAC system something to […]

Make Your Home A Greener Place With These Tips

Energy Saving Strategies for your HVAC System Whether you’re running a business or focusing on your Alexandria home, heating and cooling can account for up to half of your monthly costs. Let’s face it: maintaining a comfortable temperature comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Unfortunately, heating and cooling costs aren’t going away anytime soon. […]

A Slice of HVAC History: Who Invented the A/C

HVAC History: Who Invented the Air Conditioner? Origin of the A/C Unit You use the air conditioner in your Alexandria home every summer, but can you imagine a time before this modern marvel? Today we’ll be exploring the history of the air conditioning unit, starting with the source– our food. The need to preserve food […]